Recreation Overview

Our Recreational program is dedicated to the enhancement of youth soccer players in our community without an emphasis placed on competitive play or travel. Our objective for recreational soccer is for players at all age levels to learn the sport, develop life skills, establish a love for the game and to always have fun.

This program is split up into 3 different divisions. We will have a u9-u10 division, a U11-u12 division, then we will have our 6v6 league which is for u13-u19. At the U10 age they will play 7v7, u12 will play 9v9, and the older age groups will be playing 6v6.

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Where will they practice?

Heritage park

When will they practice?

Your coach will give you their practice time. It will be either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

How long are practices?

1 hour

Does my child need cleats and shinguards?

Yes they should have them every time they play

What size ball do they use?

Size 4 for u9-u12 and size 5 for U13 and up.

How often do they play games?

They will have at least 8-10 games throughout the season. 

Will my child have a uniform?


How do I register?

 Please follow the link on the website and make your account

What is the cost?


When does the season start?

Spring: March

Fall: August 

What else does my child need to bring to practice?

Please always have a water, shinguards, and cleats. 

Can my child wear jewelry, glasses, cast etc?

They cannot wear any jewelry however they can wear glasses. They cannot have a cast on unless it is covered by a soft material and approved to return to play by a doctor. 

Is there anything you recommend me to do in order to help my child?

Yes play around with them at home as much as possible. I recommend you buy the book “Soccer starts at Home.” It is a great book on how to be a great soccer parent. 

When are pictures?

A picture date will be decided by the staff and sent out as soon as possible. 

When do they get their uniform?

They will get it at least a few days before their first game.