Pre Academy Overview

The Pre-Academy program is our new u8 program for kids that are 6 and 7 years old. This program is designed around having tons of fun with the ball, but also focusing more on development of the players. Our goal is to help the players fall in love with the game but also prepare them for the option to move up to the Academy program. Within this program we will try to split the players into two divisions based on age, size and technical ability to ensure everyone is playing with kids of similar ability to challenge them but also allow for success. Each team will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays with games on Saturday. They will compete against different teams unlike in Rising stars so that we can introduce them to a more competitive environment. However, development in this program is the most important thing. Winning at this age is not our focus and not a good measure of success. All teams will practice at the same time, and all teams must follow the same curriculum. The practice layout for this age group will be training game - rondo - position play - training game. Every practice will have these 4 stages.

FAQ for Pre Academy