Academy Overview

Players are introduced to the next level of competitive soccer, continue to develop technical ball and foot skills, and begin to travel to out of area tournaments.  Players still receive 50% playing time throughout the season to ensure maximum touches on the ball.  Focus remains on skill development and progression and not the game outcome.
Our goal is still to provide a balance between fun and competition. Players are still progressing through CUSC’s Development program. The soccer is becoming more free-flowing and coach guided.  Players are encouraged to take risks and experiment with the ball.  On-field problem solving, decision making, and tactical understanding becomes more important and is a development focus.
All players and positions participate in the attack and defense.  Ball possession and progression to 3 & 4 player combinations are introduced. Players begin immersing themselves in the methodology of TOVO.
This also is a competitive program that provides you with access to high level coaching, higher competition, and a much more competitive environment for your child. If your child is serious about soccer, and wants to maximize their success then this is the program for you. The age groups for this program ranges from 8-11 year old’s. We encourage players to join this program at age 8 if soccer may be their main sport in the future. This program builds on the skills that they have learned in our Junior Academy program, and begins building on that foundation that they need as a soccer player.
Parents should remain focused on the process and performance while observing the overall progression of the players and the team.  The goal is to prepare for the 11v11 competitive environment.

This program will have higher fees associated with it due to games with outside club programs, possible tournaments, referees, and coaching.

What is the difference between Competitive and recreational?
  • Higher Qualified coaches
  • Tougher opponents that will challenge them. They will play against the best the state has to offer. 
  • Tougher competition within the team that will challenge them to get better. 
  • Higher quality of play
  • A true pathway for success to higher level teams for older club teams, high school, college etc. 
  • Tovo Curriculum that challenges them to be a complete, intelligent player. 
  • A fully committed group of players and parents that have a strong desire to develop and compete
Where will they practice?

Heritage park

When will they practice?
  • Twice a week - Mondays and Thursdays at either 5:15 or 6:45
How long are practices?

90 minutes max

How long is the season for the Academy program?

We start practices around July 18 and end the first week of November. For July practices we always say, if you have a vacation planned go on your vacation. We expect everyone to be there once August arrives.

How much travel is it for the Academy program?

(u9-u11) Travel is no more than 1 hour away. We travel to Huntsville, Birmingham, Guntersville and Decatur areas

How often do they travel in the Academy program?

(u9-u11)  Teams will only travel 4-5 times for their playdates. So in a span of 3.5 months they will only go an hour away 4 or 5 times except for tournaments

How many tournaments do they do in the academy program?
  • U9 has the option to do 1 tournament for fall
  • U10-U11 has one guaranteed tournament but parents may do a second tournament if all agree.
How many games do they play a day?

For Academy they will always play 2 games in a day. For state league it normally is only one game but sometimes may play 2. 

How often do they play games? Every weekend?

No we do not play every single weekend since we think it is important to still have family time. We tend to play on around 8-10 weekends between August 13 and November 9th. So 8-10 weekends in a 13 week period. We also never play on Labor day weekend. 

How much does the Academy program cost?

 Right now without fundraisers the cost to play in the Academy program is around 400$ plus a uniform. We rotate uniforms every 2-3 years. 

I cant afford 400$ are there any fundraisers?

Yes we do a yearly raffle to help with the cost of playing. For every ticket sold, half goes straight to your fees and half goes towards a fund to cover tournaments.

If my goal is to play high school or college should I do competitive or recreational?

If your goal is to be the best you can be and play at a higher level then the competitive program is the best recommendation.