Competitive Soccer

Players are now comfortable with the ball and are working on and refining their tactical awareness, possession, rhythm of play, inter-connectivity of play, and technical precision.
This is a competitive league that represents the Cullman area against multiple other cities. This program is what we highly encourage you to do if you just came up through our Academy program. We also encourage this program if you are interested in playing soccer at a high level in the future. In this program you will have high level coaching, high competition and a very competitive environment. They will begin the process of mastering the 11v11 format and start executing our style of play in a larger game.
Parents should remain steadfast on the process and performance of their child's progression, but also with a results-oriented focus.

This program will have higher fees associated with it because of tournaments, coaching, state referee allocation and scheduling, and a state driven game schedule to qualify teams for the Alabama State Cup.

  • Higher Qualified coaches
  • Tougher opponents that will challenge them. They will play against the best the state has to offer. 
  • Tougher competition within the team that will challenge them to get better. 
  • Higher quality of play
  • A true pathway for success to higher level teams for older club teams, high school, college etc. 
  • Tovo Curriculum that challenges them to be a complete, intelligent player. 
  • A fully committed group of players and parents that have a strong desire to develop and compete