Rising Stars Rules

U6 Game Play Rules

Game Rules

    1. Games will be played on Tuesdays after 30 minutes of practice. 
    2. Coaches will split their group up into 2 teams and play a game. They will just use pinnies to split them. 
    3. Ball size is #3.
    4. 4 players are allowed on a field, per team, at a time. No goalkeeper allowed.
    5. Substitutions can only occur at quarter breaks and halftime. 
    6. Each player must wear team uniform (Wear Every Tuesday) - jersey, shorts, socks, and shin guards. (shin guards must be completely covered by uniform socks). All players must have the same color socks on at all games. 
    7. Soft-cleated soccer shoes must be worn.
    8. All players shall get a minimum 50% of the playing time.
    9. Game Lengths, (4) 8-minute quarters, 2-minute breaks at quarters, 5 min break at halftime, 41-minute total game.
    10. Each team shall change goals at the start of the second half.
    11. Starts and restarts: Opponents must be 8 yards from center of field while kickoff is in progress. For all free or indirect free kicks, opponents shall be 10 yards away.
    12. Balls that go out of bounds will be kicked back into play (No throw ins). Opponents must back up 8-10 yards from the thrown kick in position. 
    13. There will be no offside violations.
    14. A goal cannot be scored until the ball has been played/touched by a second player on either team.
    15. One (1) coach per team may be on the field during play.
    16. For balls going over the goal line a goal kick will be taken from the end line if attacking team kicks it out. If defending team kicks if over the goal line corner kicks will be given to the attacking team. Opponents must back up to the midfield line on goal kicks. 
    17. Mandatory Positioning – In keeping with the spirit of the game, defenders must move up and down the field with the flow of play. While great latitude is awarded coaches in exercising this rule, the intent is to keep teams from “parking” a player(s) in their own defensive end, regardless of ball location, to act as a goalkeeper or sweeper. For an infraction of this rule, the offending team will be warned with a maximum of one warning per team per half. For the second infraction by a team in a half, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team at midfield. 
    18. All fouls are at the referees’ or coach’s discretion. 
    19. Slide tackles are not permitted. 
    20. If a team is up by 4, they must make 3 CONSECUTIVE passes to score. If they lose the ball, the count starts over. If they score before then, it does not count. This is the coach’s responsibility to enforce this
    21. If a team is up by 6 they must make 6 CONSECUTIVE passes to score
    22. If a team is up by 8 they must make 10 CONSECUTIVE passes to score.
    23. No intentional head balls.  If an intentional head ball occurs, opposing team is granted an indirect kick from spot of the foul.
    24. No stoppage in play for unintentional handballs. If intention, an indirect kick will be given to the opposing team. 
    25. A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry). All items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands, etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed. Using tape to cover jewelry is not acceptable.
    26. Coaches will try to keep the ball in play if it is going out near them. We will just hit it to open space or the center to keep the game going. We want them playing more, rather than constantly kicking it back inbounds. 

Safety Reminders

    1. No child should ever be hanging from a goals or nets. Please stop anyone you see that is hanging off a goal. Flag poles should also not be hung from. 
    2. No spectator should be sitting on the end lines of the field. This is an off-limits area. Please remind your parents about this when games start. We will also have reminders about this before games start. 
    3. There should be no parents within 20 feet of the team benches during games. 
    4. Socks most cover shin guards at all practices and games.

    • The GOAL of this age is to spread the ball around and ensure everyone gets a chance to touch it as much as possible
    • We will try to teach them to stay in a triangle and spread out however at this age it is very difficult, but we will attempt it every game. 
    • Players will have dotted lines on the field going vertically to try and help with positioning. Offense – outside 2 players go outside the lines, Defense – come inside the lines. 
    • If there is a Kick in, or restart, we want whoever has touched the ball the least to have the opportunity to kick it in. 
    • All Kick offs must go forward. We do not want them to drop it right now because it ends up causing them to score in the wrong goal, or causes the opponent to get a quick steal for an easy goal

Parent Etiquette
    • When to cheer and when not to cheer is incredibly important. It can be extremely impactful in a negative sense and positive. 
    • Please only cheer when the ball goes out of bounds, when someone scores, a period ends, or when it is a clear breakaway to the goal. In these moments cheer as loud as you can and be extremely positive. Let them know they did an awesome job. 
    • Do not cheer every single time a player touches a ball or kicks it. This causes mass chaos and distracts the kids. We want them to listen to the coaches only during this time. This will be difficult but it is absolutely huge if we want them to learn. 
    • Never complain about a call, result etc. They are only 4 and 5 years old and it does not matter who wins at this age. We just want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time.