Rising Stars Overview

Rising stars is our new introductory program for kids that are 4 and 5 years old. This program is designed around having tons of fun with the ball and trying to develop as much as possible. Players will be evaluated multiple times prior to the season as well as during the first two weeks of the season to ensure they are appropriately placed. The goal is to put them into groups with similarly skilled peers to ensure they are not only challenged, but also have the ability to have success. This program will practice twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however after the first two weeks, one of their practices will be half practice, half game. The game will be their current group splitting into two groups and playing a game so that they can begin to understand what it is in an appropriate setting. This also ensures we are not sacrificing practice time to make up games due to weather or also taking up every Saturday during the season. They will have at least 3 “Showcase” dates in the season where they play their game on a Saturday so family and friends can come watch them play and see their progress.
All groups will practice at the same time and have at least 2 coaches with each group. We will approach this program with a professional mindset and make sure that each group is following a curriculum that has been prepared for them.

FAQ for Rising Stars

  1. Where will they practice? Heritage park
  2. When will they practice? Tuesdays and Thursdays
  3. How long are practices? 1 hour
  4. Does my child need cleats and shinguards? Yes they should have them every time they play
  5. What size ball do they use? Size 3
  6. How often do they play games? They will have one day that is half practice and half game. At this age these kids think every practice is a game, so we ensure they are introduced to it; however we want every kid touching a ball as much as possible. This means we will focus on practicing and making it as fun as possible for them. 
  7. Will my child have a uniform? Yes all players in the program will have a reversible uniform that we ask that they wear every half practice/ half game day. 
  8. How will I know what side of the uniform to wear? The coach of each group will send it out via our new Cullman App far in advance. 
  9. How do I register? Please follow the link on the website and make your account
  10.  What is the cost? $115
  11.  When does the season start and end? First practices are August 8th and the final day is November 5th. 
  12. What else does my child need to bring to practice? Please always have a water, shinguards, and cleats. 
  13. Can my child wear jewelry, glasses, cast etc? They cannot wear any jewelry however they can wear glasses. They cannot have a cast on unless it is covered by a soft material and approved to return to play by a doctor. 
  14. Is there anything you recommend me to do in order to help my child? Yes play around with them at home as much as possible. I recommend you buy the book “Soccer starts at Home.” It is a great book on how to be a great soccer parent. 
  15. When are pictures? A picture date will be decided by the staff and sent out as soon as possible. 
  16. When do they get their uniform? They will get it at least a few days before their first game.